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Chapter 73


Chapter 72: A Lizard Transforming to a T-Rex

Li Yao spent the entire day receiving a full-body exam in the hospital.

He didn’t know how many talismans were stuck to his body by the doctor. Then the doctor shoved him into 17~18 strange and bizarre machines. Then there still were four renowned mind-healing-specialist Meditation Healers who tried to hypnotise him in vain, to take a glimpse at his neural field.
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Chapter 70: Fiend Star Yao

After gobbling up about a dozen of Ou Yezi’s early memory shards, Li Yao discovered with complete astonishment that what originally was a multi-colored memory shard had became brightly and vibrantly colored; its radiance flickered bright!

When his consciousness entered to probe this shard, he discovered that what had originally been an observer role only memory changed to became freely controllable, able to be observed repeatedly!
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Chapter 68: To Silence or Not?

“I’m not a Demonic Cultivator! You should have learned this from the school textbooks; ‘To enter Demonhood is to be Demon for life.’ When one falls to the Demonic Way, when they’re purged with Tenebrum, one will lose their minds and become a puppet of the Beyonder Demons. An incomparably powerful aura of Tenebrum Energy lingers around their bodies. They absolutely won’t be like I am now!”

Zheng Dongming spoke suddenly at rocket speed, “Look! Other than when I shot my Demonic Blood Cannon, there isn’t any Tenebrum Energy lingering around my body. My mind is also quite clear, absolutely not that of one who fell into madness! I only…… had some lucky encounter to be able to cultivate in both Essence and Tenebrum!”
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Chapter 67: The Armageddon Rebellion

“This was precisely the reason why I didn’t want to use my transformation. As soon as I transform, everyone will take me for a Demonic Cultivator. They will absolutely want to behead and exterminate me!” Zheng Dongming let out a sigh helplessly.

“Demonic Cultivator.” These two words were like traceless and invisible spirits orbiting between these two. The surrounding temperature decreased to zero in an instant!
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Chapter 66: Demonic Blood Cannon

The Zheng Dongming at this time lacked the usual magnificent elegant demeanor of a young master. He was just like a stray dog with a broken rear leg. He ran gasping for breath and even his tongue was out in the air. He looked to be a few running steps away from frothing at the mouth and going into a seizure!

The moment he saw Li Yao, a ray of hope emerged in his eyes, and he dashed over consumed by joy. His last few steps were like that of a tiger pouncing on a lamb, soaring directly into the supply point!
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