Chapter 9: Salted Fish and Shoes

With the day’s school session end came a rare moment of calmness over the campus. Along a small path above the shade of the trees flew cheerful laughter and conversation. Several luxury private shuttles slowly descended from the air, parents arriving to pick up their children. There were also several students like Li Yao who dragged their weary bodies along, slowly walking towards the school gate.

Just as he was about to exit the school gate, Li Yao suddenly felt his body tighten up. A tall silhouette obstructed the front of him: “You’re called Li Yao? It was you who was with Si Jia Xue just a moment ago?”

Li Yao’s eyes suddenly shrank back into their sockets. He felt like ten-thousand needles were stabbed into his entire body. His heart rate sped up in a flash. A chill spread from his tailbone and rushed up to the top of his skull. The pressure exuded by this person was too great. He was like a poisonous viper staring fixated at a mouse. Li Yao was absolutely unable to move a single step. Continue reading


Chapter 8: Repairing a Crystal Processor

“You’re late by 55 minutes,” said the beauty coldly, like a frozen mountain.

“Sorry, this place was kind of hard to find. Did you bring the goods?” Li Yao criticized implicitly as he extended his dirty claw.

Si Jiaxue willow-like eyebrows wrinkled slightly as she judged Li Yao’s appearance. She felt that it appeared she had chosen the location without much thought. She hesitated for a short while, but nevertheless fished out a crystal processing unit from her school bag. Continue reading

Chapter 6: The Great Dark Age

Li Yao’s eyebrows trembled, his complexion was somewhat grave. The period of “The Great Dark Age” was the most important phase in the development of the Cultivator Civilization. So much so that one can say The Great Dark Age divided civilization into two periods, the “Classical Cultivation Period” and the “Modern Cultivation Period.” This was an extraordinarily typical question. Although everyone knew about it, it was not easy to give a comprehensive answer.

Muttering deeply for a moment, Li Yao’s thoughts coursed with electricity and were spoken telepathically, flying upwards:
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Chapter 5: Exam Simulation

As students were currently cramming for the college entrance exams, any courses that should have been taken had already been completed long ago. These last hundred days were primarily for filling up gaps and taking all sorts of tests. On a certain morning of each week was a very important exam simulation.

Under the urging of the impatient teachers, Li Yao took a deep breath and stepped into the “Examination Chamber” tagged with his student number. The chamber door sealed shut and the entire world became deathly silent.
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Chapter 4: Fiend Blade Peng Hai

The head instructor gazed like a tiger watching its prey, as Li Yao ducked his body and scuttled little by little to the closed school gate. Li Yao let out a breath and checked his watch 7:29, just in the nick of time!

Just like all the other high schools in the federation, Crimson Nimbus has entered early into the yearly “Crazed University Entrance Exam Season”. An aura of murder permeated through the campus, similar to that of a battlefield. Right through the school gate entrance towered a gigantic hologram in the center. Upon it were several words:
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