Chapter 25: The Iron Beast, A Storm Arrives

Several dozen students of the Common Class were engaging in strength training near the entrance of the gymnasium. Right at this moment, they seemingly became aware of something that caused them to drop their barbells at practically the same time. They stared at each other in terror and unintentionally swallowed a mouthful of saliva at the same time.

“What a terrifying aura, who could it be…..?”

The sun’s light shone in through the large entrance door. An extraordinary mighty giant blocked half the light from shining in, forming an enormous shadow that enveloped these several students of the Common Class and causing the students to tremble in fear. Continue reading


Chapter 24: A Leap of Advancement

The world in front of his eyes twisted and warped as a myriad of arcane glyphs flared one by one, changing the world completely into the Great Illusionary Land. Soon Li Yao found himself in the middle of an enormous arena made up of embedded black stone tiles.

The test he was about to take was a simpler one, so the coming challenges were unlikely to prove as big of a spectacle as the ones from the last exam simulation.

The black stone arena was about 500 meters in diameter. Black walls were placed in all directions reaching towards the clouds. One could see countless blood-colored passageways all around when gazing far in the distance. The faint roars of fiend beasts came out from inside them.

The figures of savage fiend beasts gradually came into view. Continue reading

Chapter 23: Eating Without Discrimination

From Li Yao’s perspective, the events that had transpired tonight were all part of an inconceivable and fantastic trip.

All he remembered was himself being beaten black and blue by the smiling clown and that he had shamefully fainted and passed out. Then he felt like someone put him in a piping hot sauna. He felt himself bobbing up and down in broiling hot magma.

He had been steeped for a full five hours before he awakened. Li Yao had never felt an ecstasy as pleasurable as this his entire life thus far! Continue reading

Chapter 22: Fed Until Satisfaction

In the depths of the Militant Wolf Slayers Cultivation Gym.

A recovery pod towered over two meters high within the Gym leader’s private medical treatment room. Looking through the transparent glass observation panel, one could see Li Yao’s naked body submerged in a great quantity of strengthening drugs. His pair of eyes were closed as he bobbed up and down. A large quantity of bubbles curled around his body.

The bald tattooed man and Fiend Blade Peng Hai were standing right in front of the recovery pod. They stared with great interest at the unconscious and unwakeable Li Yao floating within the green liquid drug. Continue reading

Chapter 21: Dividing Four By Zero

The depths of his mind had only produced half a thought when his sternum felt like it was fiercely rammed by a high-speed crystal train. All of a sudden he was flying seven to eight meters away. The wall went “Bang!” as he crashed into it and sent seven to eight straw mats flying. All of a sudden, straw reeds were flying in the air!

Li Yao fell heavily to the ground. His eyes. His nose. His mouth. All sorts of liquids squirted from his orifices. He lost feeling in his entire chest. The numbing sensation was like a lightning fast virus spreading within his body. He felt his entire body freezing up! Continue reading

Chapter 20: A Man Doing Body Exercises

“There’s a bit of meaning. His defensive and resistive strength are considered the best in the civilian martial arts. He’s ten times better than the weak chickens of your cultivator gym.” Peng Hai also stood up and slowly moved his joints. Every bundle of muscle fiber of his was like a myriad of vipers flowing and roaming underneath his pure white jade-like skin. Essence stirred incomparably. Continue reading

Chapter 19: Militant Wolf Slayers

The Star Glory Federation had a culture rooted in martial might. The Cultivators with outstanding martial strength held the most paramount of statuses. Without exception, all common citizens of the Federation wished to step onto the road of cultivation and achieve the highest level of glory.

Even if one was not able to become a cultivator, people loved to steadfastly work on their strength, sharpen their physique, carve out their build, and dedicate their lives to maintaining cultivation practices. Continue reading

Chapter 16: One Strip of Sea Cucumber


He Lianlie gave off an air that was both astonishing and imposing. His hand was as fast as lightning like a high-speed crystal rail train. He hadn’t even made contact, but the eye-blinding gale he produced had already hammered fiercely upon Li Yao’s face.

Li Yao’s eyeballs were like pin cushions. A chill rose up his spine and collided into his heart. Suddenly it seemed like a “Gate” had opened from within the recesses of his mind. Five incomparably sharp senses had just awakened from the dream of grandeur a moment ago, to descend once again. Continue reading