Chapter 48: Invitation from Grand Desolate War Institution


Li Yao felt like his palm was gripping a piece of red-hot coal. Even though he had endured a month of torment with “Give Up,” he was caught off guard and was forced to take a deep cold breath in pain!
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Chapter 47: Ding Lingdang

“Since they were able to rise up into the Nine Elites, they must have something that sets them apart from the norm! Let’s go over and take a look!” Li Yao spontaneously strolled towards Grand Desolate War Institution’s booth.

“The Grand Desolate War Institution is full of barbarians with well trained bodies, but simple minds. What possibly is there to see? It would be better for you to come with me to go back to Sky Fantasia Academy, to see if there’s a chance to find a few female seniors to eat dinner with. Together we can discuss literature~! Hey. If you’re not coming, I’ll go by myself. Don’t say that I didn’t consider you a swine friend~!”
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Chapter 46: The Artificers’ Holy Land

The purple clothed old man paused for a moment. Then a dozen dark, dull, and completely ordinary flying swords floated and emerged from behind his back. They spun and circled randomly above the numerous students’ heads. From time to time, the flying swords would perform maneuvers at rapid speeds within a small area. They dove, they turned, and they flipped, causing the observing students cried out in surprise over and over.

With a laugh, the purple clothed old man spoke:
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Chapter 45: Debating On the Great Dao

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Finishing his words, Zhao Tiange faced Zhong Boya with a nod and turned around to leave.

The vast majority of youths followed Zhao Tiange. Only a small portion of students were enraptured by the Essence Particle Collider. They stayed behind to ask Zhong Boya more deeply.

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Chapter 44: A Collision of Essence Particles!

When compared to Sky Fantasy Academy’s booth, it was quite obvious that there weren’t as many students congregated here. The sign written on their booth read the words “Star Nebula University.” A white ashened bearded old man stood next to an enormous model artifact. In high spirits he faced several dozen students to explain, his spittle flying all over:

“Each and every student here is an elite youth of the Federation, people who are determined to become cultivators! What is most important you may ask? In the eyes of a cultivator? That is, of course, to absorb and refine the essence energy from heaven and earth! Whether everyone knows or not, the essence energy we speak of, what is it fundamentally? I’ll tell you all. The fundamental nature of essence energy is that it’s an elementary particle, called an ‘essence particle’. We, Star Nebula University, are the sole and only university who are doing research on the essence particle, the strongest in the Federation! Each and every student, please watch this demonstration!”
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Chapter 43: Sky Fantasia Academy

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Chapter 42: Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars!

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Li Yao stared as far as he could to the distance, and was met with only the gradual projection of a gigantic hologram amidst the furious rolling waves of clouds. The hologram expanded in all directions at lighting speed. Soon, it had spread to a length of dozens of kilometers!

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