Chapter 38: Slaying the Way to Devil Dragon Island

The three students in the Important Class never thought that Li Yao would actually take the initiative to strike first. Even more so, they never thought that his offensive would be this fierce and violent. In a flash, they turned pale with fright!

However their reaction speeds were clearly faster than Zhao Liang’s by a measure; the student of the Important Class facing Li Yao crossed his arms to defend.  His waist bent in a strange manner. A “Bang!” rang out. He had barely defended against Li Yao’s knee strike. A groan was stifled in his mouth and there was an expression of unbearable pain on his face…… The bones of his pair of arms were broken by a single strike of Li Yao’s bombarding knee!

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Chapter 37: Treading Tiger Strike 7 Murdering-Hit Combo!

Within 5 minutes, Li Yao had found a total of 4 ticket holders.

However, his luck today had been nothing special. Helian Lie was not one of the four, so he still hadn’t raised a hand. After giving these four people an enormous amount of fright, he continued heading over to the sports field.


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Chapter 36: Li Yao Enters the Field!

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Noon at 12 O’clock.

The second batch of people with average strength had spent all their energy fighting. Practically half of these people retired due to injuries, lacking the ability to continue fighting.

Only now, did the students of the Important Class leave their classroom. They warmed up their bodies and started to join in on the scramble. Continue reading

Chapter 35: The Hour of Intense Battle

April 12th. Light showers with a slight breeze. 61 Days 13 Hours 22 Minutes and 45 Seconds remain until the university entrance exams!

Today was Crimson Nimbus Second’s annual ‘Hour of Intense Battle’. All the first and second years have the day off, leaving the campus to be a battlefield for the third years. The third years will strive over 10 tickets to the ‘Youth Limit Challenge Competition,’ fighting to the bloody end!

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Chapter 34: A Savage Beast Emerges From Its Cage

From that day forwards, Crimson Nimbus Second had a new legend spread around campus.

“Hey, did y’all hear about ‘that’?”

“Of course~ It really was way too scary, too terrible, and too brutal!”

Lunch time in the school’s dining hall, several girls were whispering amongst themselves. Fear lingered in their hearts.

“What ‘thing’ are y’all talking about? How could it frighten y’all to shivers?” one of the duller girls asked puzzled. Continue reading

Chapter 33: A Night of Unbearable Pain

Li Yao was still struggling against the steel barbell inside the squat rack. He burst forth with all his energy to complete the final set.

He didn’t know that from the start, behind him in the dim corner of the room, an old bastard called the Degenerate of Cultivators and a fiendish bastard expert known as Fiend Blade, were whispering to each other. They were discussing details on strength training for Li Yao, with things escalating the more they discussed. Continue reading

Chapter 32: He’s a Monster!

Sun Biao had somewhat of a dazed expression as he saw Li Yao act in this wild and crazed manner. The muscles in Li Yao’s entire body were torn with one rep after another. Sun Biao’s thoughts flew back to a time a dozen years ago; he sunk into old memories.

The reflection of Li Yao’s figure in the depths Sun Biao’s pupils seemed to gradually be overlapped by a tall lofty figure, becoming a different person. Continue reading

Chapter 31: I’m No Salted Fish!

Li Yao cried out, “this is bad”, deep in his heart. Internally he asked himself, “How could I ever take the cruel tempering training of an ancient cultivator guild 40,000 years ago to be the norm?”

He had to keep in mind that in the dream of grandeur, the hundred smelting guild had several hundred low-level workers who were unable to endure the torment and die, crossing over to the afterlife. Continue reading