Chapter 68: To Silence or Not?

“I’m not a Demonic Cultivator! You should have learned this from the school textbooks; ‘To enter Demonhood is to be Demon for life.’ When one falls to the Demonic Way, when they’re purged with Tenebrum, one will lose their minds and become a puppet of the Beyonder Demons. An incomparably powerful aura of Tenebrum Energy lingers around their bodies. They absolutely won’t be like I am now!”

Zheng Dongming spoke suddenly at rocket speed, “Look! Other than when I shot my Demonic Blood Cannon, there isn’t any Tenebrum Energy lingering around my body. My mind is also quite clear, absolutely not that of one who fell into madness! I only…… had some lucky encounter to be able to cultivate in both Essence and Tenebrum!”
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Chapter 67: The Armageddon Rebellion

“This was precisely the reason why I didn’t want to use my transformation. As soon as I transform, everyone will take me for a Demonic Cultivator. They will absolutely want to behead and exterminate me!” Zheng Dongming let out a sigh helplessly.

“Demonic Cultivator.” These two words were like traceless and invisible spirits orbiting between these two. The surrounding temperature decreased to zero in an instant!
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Chapter 66: Demonic Blood Cannon

The Zheng Dongming at this time lacked the usual magnificent elegant demeanor of a young master. He was just like a stray dog with a broken rear leg. He ran gasping for breath and even his tongue was out in the air. He looked to be a few running steps away from frothing at the mouth and going into a seizure!

The moment he saw Li Yao, a ray of hope emerged in his eyes, and he dashed over consumed by joy. His last few steps were like that of a tiger pouncing on a lamb, soaring directly into the supply point!
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Chapter 63: Slaughtering Everything In Their Paths!

Over a hundred competitors were still noisy and in disorder within the Red Team’s communication channel. Each of them vented at, insulted, and complained at each other; it was extremely chaotic just like the clamouring noise of a market.

The sound of the giant explosion coming from the center of Devil Dragon Island intimidated them all simultaneously into silence. No one spoke a word for a long time.
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