Chapter 63: Slaughtering Everything In Their Paths!

Over a hundred competitors were still noisy and in disorder within the Red Team’s communication channel. Each of them vented at, insulted, and complained at each other; it was extremely chaotic just like the clamouring noise of a market.

The sound of the giant explosion coming from the center of Devil Dragon Island intimidated them all simultaneously into silence. No one spoke a word for a long time.
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Chapter 55: Trading Artifacts

There’s someone with this kind of gift for artificing among today’s high school students? How extremely rare! Deep Sea University must desire this sort of genius, right?”

“Why did he assemble three completely different artifacts? The techniques required to use the Chainsword, the Thunderblade and the Heat-axe are completely different. Can it be that he’s proficient in all three types of artifacts? He would simply be a monster then!”
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Chapter 54: Three Major Killing Weapons

The supply point was a piece of flat empty ground amongst the forest. An offensive glyph array was set up encircling the surroundings. As soon as a Fiend Beast enters within, the Fiend Beast will be assaulted relentlessly by the glyph array. After time passed, Fiend Beasts would no longer come here seeking their own deaths.

Piled up in the supply point were some food and water. There were also several dozen camo green weapon crates as well.
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