Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapters

Chapter 1: Artifact Graveyard

Chapter 2: Hologram Projector

Chapter 3: The Uncanny Dream

Chapter 4: Fiend Blade Peng Hai

Chapter 5: Exam Simulation

Chapter 6: The Great Dark Age

Chapter 7: Second’s School Goddess

Chapter 8: Repairing a Crystal Processor

Chapter 9: Salted Fish and Shoes

Chapter 10: Possessed by a Ghost

Chapter 11: As if a Dream

Chapter 12: Ecstatic Enough to Fly

Chapter 13: Reincarnation of a Glutton

Chapter 14: Little Border of Hidden Lake

Chapter 15: Audacious

Chapter 16: One Strip of Sea Cucumber

Chapter 17: Aunty of the Ghost Market

Chapter 18: Strengthening Drug

Chapter 19: Militant Wolf Slayers

Chapter 20: A Man Doing Body Exercises

Chapter 21: Dividing Four By Zero

Chapter 22: Fed Until Satisfaction

Chapter 23: Eating Without Discrimination

Chapter 24: A Leap of Advancement

Chapter 25: The Iron Beast, A Storm Arrives

Chapter 26: Someone Fiercer Arrives

Chapter 27: Actually, He’s the Fiercest

Chapter 28: Of Course He Needs to Be Aggressive

Chapter 29: Fiend Blade Forger

Chapter 30: You Are So Arrogant

Chapter 31: I’m No Salted Fish!

Chapter 32: He’s a Monster!

Chapter 33: A Night of Unbearable Pain

Chapter 34: A Savage Beast Emerges From Its Cage

Chapter 35: The Hour of Intense Battle

Chapter 36: Li Yao Enters the Field!

Chapter 37: Treading Tiger Strike 7 Murdering-Hit Combo!

Chapter 38: Slaying the Way to Devil Dragon Island

Chapter 39: The World Of Cultivation, Is as Vast as the Skies and Seas!

Chapter 40: The Different Types of Cultivators

Chapter 41: The Flagship, The Distant Expanse!

Chapter 42: Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars!

Chapter 43: Sky Fantasia Academy

Chapter 44: A Collision of Essence Particles!

Chapter 45: Debating On the Great Dao

Chapter 46: The Artificers’ Holy Land

Chapter 47: Ding Lingdang

Chapter 48: Invitation from Grand Desolate War Institution

Chapter 49: Small Ji, the Crystal Beast

Chapter 50: The Codes of an Artificer

Chapter 51: The Blades of Human Civilization!

Chapter 52: A Dense Fog and the Delusion Vine

Chapter 53: Instant Kill!

Chapter 54: Three Major Killing Weapons

Chapter 55: Trading Artifacts

Chapter 56: First in the Rankings!

Chapter 57: Three Options

Chapter 58: A Commander Appears

Chapter 59: Paralyzed!

Chapter 60: A Crazy Backdoor

Chapter 61: Where’s Li Yao?

Chapter 62: One Move Ahead